Get the pulse of your business

Each week, quick and anonymous surveys
will give you just that!

How does it works?

4 easy steps that enable you to get the pulse of your business.

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Use our predefined questions or build your own and get started in a matter of seconds.

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Each week, send a quick survey to your employees to get your business pulse. All answers are totally anonymous!

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Browse answers and get insights as how your employees truly feel. It is now time to act on real data!

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Display your Propulse score and showcase your results on your website or job offers to attract the best candidates.

Propulse cycle

With regular and predictable cycle, your employees know exactly what to expect.

Friday morning

All employees receive a request to complete the weekly pulse.

Tuesday noon

Employees have until tuesday noon to complete the survey and send the results.

Tuesday afternoon

If the employer wishes, he can send a feedback from the results of the weekly pulse.

Results analysis

The employer can analyze and interpret the anonymous answers and decide what actions to take for his company.

Anonymity guaranteed

A technical 3 step process that guarantees the confidentiality of respondents



Propulse generates a unique code emailed via survey request. The unique code is essential to complete the survey.



When someone responds to the survey, their answers are stored in our databases with no link with the user ID or the unique code sent. We do not store any information about the respondent.



The unique code is then completely removed from our databases. So it impossible to make links between the request sent and the responses.

Our plans and rates

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